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2022 Grassroots Stage  Line-Up

Squeeze Box Bandits

SqueezeBox Bandits.jpg
E-Flat Porch Band A.JPG

E-Flat Porch


Mockingbird promo Shot 2021.jpg
sarah carrino co band.jpg

Sarah Carrino & Co.

Harvest Moon Countrygrass

Farmers Branch 2022.jpg

Riley Gilbreath & Lone Star Blue

Algerita Hill haybales.jpg

Algerita Hill 

East Mountain Bluegrass

East Mountain Bluegrass began in 1994 with Art Mauldin, Mike & Julie Tucker serving at the HiWay 80 Rescue Mission in Longview, TX. The band has continued to serve every month on the third Monday for the past 27 years. Originating as an all bluegrass gospel band, East Mountain continues to sing gospel music along with bluegrass and familiar tunes, using acoustic instruments. Lynn Gray and Dennis Clute play regularly with the band and are joined by special guest Anthony Bonnette from time to time.

Bobby Giles & 
Texas Gales Band
Picture band Clone Mountain.jpg

Gerald Jones &

Clone Mountain Boys

The Clone Mountain Boys. Hear the group the government and the main stream media don’t want you to know about! Are they the result of a secret government experiment gone awry? Human/Alien hybrids? Do they have glow in the dark chromosomes? There’s only one way to find out. Tie up the dogs, grab your guitars and such, put Granny in the back of the truck and come on down to Bloomin’ Bluegrass! 

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