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Pickin' on the Grassroots Stage

New to Bloomin' Bluegrass this year is the Grassroots Stage!  In addition to hosting great local talent, the Grassroots Stage will offer you the chance to get up there and play to an audience!  


So that as many as possible can get a chance to perform, we'll have a daily sign-up sheet for the available time slots.  Just head over to the Grassroots Stage when you arrive and sign up for an open time slot.  Slots will be available only after the last act of the day performs on the stage - about 7:40 pm.


Time slots are first-come, first-served each day.  Sign up your group, duo, or as a solo act!  There will be six time slots available per day, each lasting about 20 minutes.  


A sound system will be provided.  No equipment changes will be permitted.  Please stick to your time slot so that the next band can play their time after you.  If there is no one signed up for the slot after you, please take direction from the stage manager as to when to end.  We hope you enjoy the Grassroots Stage!

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