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The Bloomin' Bluegrass Festival is joining the effort and helping reduce the carbon footprint by featuring old and new efforts to the weekends' events.

Hydration Station


Did you know that every year we produce enough plastic film in this country to shrink-wrap Texas?1 We want to help reduce the waste of plastic water bottles which is why this year the Bloomin' Bluegrass Festival will have its very own filtered water station! We will be selling the green water bottles (pictured to the left) at the festival which includes free refills at the water station for this and select Farmers Branch 2017 events. Purchase yours on site for $7.


Have your own water bottle already? You can join in the effort too! When you finish your water, don't throw away the bottle, come by the filtered water station to re-fill it for only $1. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


The festival will also have its recycle bins out, like in years past, for all recyclable items such as cans and bottles. It has been said that the world uses over 80 billion aluminum cans each year and because of great efforts in recycling, only 1% of those cans actually end up in landfills.2 That's amazing! We encourage you to take advantage of these recycling opportunities to keep the event and world a little bit greener.

Travel Green


From carpooling to taking the DART, we can all make an effort to travel green. Parking is free and located at Metro Square Business Park, 12300 Ford Road in Farmers Branch, TX 75234. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit also has the Dart Rail with a stop conveniently in Farmers Branch on their Green Line. Signs will lead you just a few hundred yards south to the festival grounds. And though bicycles will not be allowed inside the festival, please feel free to ride to the Historical Park and leave it chained to our fence (please provide your own chain and lock).


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