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2023 Grassroots Stage  Line-Up

Grassroots Stage

Jon Christopher Davis

JP Photo.jpg

Justin Pickard

Mockingbird promo Shot 2021.jpg


Hailey Sandoz & Kristyn Harris

Kristyn and Hailey.webp
E-Flat Porch Band A.JPG

E-Flat Porch

Harvest Moon Countrygrass

Farmers Branch 2022.jpg

Riley Gilbreath & Lone Star Blue

Saltcreek Picture.jpg

Salt Creek 

All Videos

All Videos

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Bobby Giles & 
Texas Gales Band
Picture band Clone Mountain.jpg

Gerald Jones &

Clone Mountain Boys

The Clone Mountain Boys. Hear the group the government and the main stream media don’t want you to know about! Are they the result of a secret government experiment gone awry? Human/Alien hybrids? Do they have glow in the dark chromosomes? There’s only one way to find out. Tie up the dogs, grab your guitars and such, put Granny in the back of the truck and come on down to Bloomin’ Bluegrass! 

Please note that all acts and performance times are subject
to change or cancelation without notice. 

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